Simplyture Parking Intelligence

Parking Administration System

Simplyture Parking Intelligence is a parking administration system that utilises license plate recognition system in order to simplify parking management. By digitalising key services related to parking administration, our digital platform makes your life easier, gives full control and an increase in revenue.

Parking Intelligence
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Digitally Administrate Parking Permissions


Simplyture's whitelist is the smartest way to administrate your parking permissions, whether to customers or employees. The automated parking system facilitates the administration of contracts by registering all information digitally, and therefore eliminates the need for physical key cards.


Simplyture removes the burden of parking management and of administrating parking permissions by allowing you to spread the workload. Simply grant a sublicense to a department or customer, and they can now add or delete license plates themselves.


Grant visitor access

To increase the simplicity of managing guests, our platform gives the option of granting visitor access to the parking facility. Granting a guest access to the parking facility is easy with Simplyture’s automatic parking system: you can either have a designated person or receptionist grant them, or place a tablet in the reception for guests to do it themselves.

Role management

Spread the workload with the role management function of our parking system, where you can customise roles and give your team access to specific areas of the platform. We already supply the custom roles of: Administrator, Economy, Operations, and Data Analysis.


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Control Parking Facility

Overview over your parking facility

From the beginning to the end, the platform gives a clear picture of everything that is happening in your parking facility. The platform is supplied with an intuitive dashboard that gives an overview over all the key indicators in the parking management platform, including a quick overview of the financial situation, operations, and hardware status.

Hardware status

The platform also provides a constant overview over all the hardware components. Is the printer working? Is it running out of paper? Are the payment machines running? When something requires attention, designated roles in the organisation can be instantly notified in order to find a solution quickly.


Promo code feature

With Simplyture's promo code feature, you will be able to generate and offer your customers discount on their parking. You can create different codes with different values in order to incentivise customers to come visit you. They can be redeemed at the payment machine or online. You will also be able to sell these codes to nearby businesses in order to generate more traffic to your facility.

Loyalty Feature

Strengthen your loyalty program with Simplyture's loyalty feature. Customers can sign up for the loyalty scheme and then automatically receive x hours of free parking. The discount will automatically be deducted the customer and you will increase customer acquisition.


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Parking Administration System

Excess usage

Traditional parking facilities have a set amount of keycards and an agreed amount of parking spots. If the consumer wishes to park longer, this will have to be negotiated in the contract, and new keys need to be printed. With the excess usage feature of our parking system, we offer the possibility to make the contracts dynamic, which can greatly increase the revenue in the parking facility. When a contract client has more cars parked than allowed on the contract, this is automatically registered on our excess usage list, and they can easily be charged afterwards. This creates a new revenue stream for parking facilities, and increased flexibility for their users.

Unparalleled data insights

Simplyture has a highly intelligent approach to parking data, which aims at unlocking the full potential of the parking facility. With a better understanding of demand and usage of the facility, improvements and decisions can now be based on a better understanding of your customers. Use the parking data and customer insights to optimise price structure and improve capacity to reach the full potential of your investment.