About us

Based in Copenhagen, Simplyture was founded in 2015 with the aim of reducing the complexity of commercial parking though innovation and artificial intelligence. Our products are making the parking experience simpler, for both businesses and private consumers.

Simplyture mission

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an intelligent parking solution across the globe, that makes the user experience more convenient. We are changing the way people park and revolutionising the parking industry, offering a fully digital experience and a platform that is easier to administrate.

Simplyture vision

Our vision

Our vision is to simplify the parking experience through constant development and innovation. We want to contribute to a world where digitalisation simplifies people’s lives, and where they have more time to focus on what it’s all about.

Simplyture environment

We SimplyCare about the environment

Our new revolutionary parking system removes the need for tickets, and by saving on average 2.3 Million tickets a year, we drastically reduced paper consumption. But that’s not all! By replacing hardwares and plastic materials such as keycards and physical barriers with digital solutions, we reduce the usage of plastic as well as energy consumption for the entire parking facility, saving our planet from over usage of non renewable energy sources!

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